Broken Link Checker Checker

Source code is on Bitbucket

Echoback to see the request headers for this browser

To see Http Status Codes and be able to return them from this site.

Edge Cases

The x's should show up as broken links

I've encountered lots of strange behaviour whilst doing broken link checking usually to do with anti-scraping mechanisms. These links are part of my test suite I run against my own tool. The links are here to test and help out other broken link checkers too.

These links should not redirect to something else (that is tested below)

2. Linked in - working link Usually returns a 999 status code or hits a security check through puppeteer

2x. Linked in - not working link Usually returns a 999 status code or hits a security check through puppeteer

3. working link

3x. - not working link

4. Akamai problem?

4x. Akamai problem?

5. can timeout - webserver security.

5x. can timeout - webserver security.

6. Can be strange

6x. Can be strange

7. Hits a captcha

7x. Hits a captcha

8. cloudflare fronted

8x. cloudflare fronted

9. cloudflare fronted

9x. cloudflare fronted

10. normal wordpress

10x. normal wordpress

11. amazon - blocks HEAD



20x. HEAD doesn't work GET does

24. twitter - working link

24x. twitter - not working link but hard to test

Internal Redirects to Canonical URL

A canonical URL is your preferred url which does a 301 permanent redirect to

Redirects and https and www variants

1. which should redirect to

2. which should redirect twice to

3. (canonical) which should return a 404

4. which should redirect to the

Internal broken links

Internal broken link to a page /brokenurl that doesn't exist and goes to the global 404

Internal broken link2 with a trailing slash which should go to the 404 as above

Broken link to an asset image .png

Non-Existent Domain Name

Nodomainhere link so a link to a broken domain name


test_image.jpg A 4KB jpg with MIME type: image/jpeg (source wikipedia:

pizigani_10mb.jpg A 10MB jpg with MIME type: image/jpeg (source:

a17.pdf A 20MB pdf with MIME type: (source:

cp43.pdf A 100MB pdf with MIME type: (source: A 200MB zip with MIME type: (source:

Big Pages

big-html-page.html A 2.4MB large html file with data from CIA World Book (source:

big-html-page2.html A 38MB large html file with repeated data from CIA World Book (source:

Blank Hyperlink

Link with nothing in it ie a href="" blank link

Rate Limits

It will return a 429 Too Many Requests

/ratelimit/index.html 1 request per second

/ratelimit10s/index.html 1 request every 10 seconds

Thank you for using Broken Link Checker Checker!!